Why we founded ExceedU

Did you know that the members of the "Baby Boomer" generation represent about ¼ of the entire population of the United States? That’s roughly 75 million Americans! And they're entering their senior years… the oldest are already in their late 60s, which means that the ranks of older Americans is going to swell over the next couple of decades.

What does that mean for the healthcare industry?

It means that the need for healthcare professionals is going to skyrocket, not only because of the aging population, but also because many of today's healthcare professionals will soon be entering their retirement years themselves, leaving a huge gap in the current field of professionals at the very time when the need is growing exponentially.

Bottom line: the healthcare sector is one of the most rapidly growing industries of the 21st Century and the demand for professionals in the field will go through the roof!


Our Objective

At ExceedU our objective is twofold:

  • To help fill the growing need for healthcare professionals
  • To help those who aspire to begin a career in this rewarding and rapidly growing industry, by providing training that is affordable and adheres to the highest professional standards.


Our Mission

The Mission of ExceedU is to train and educate caring and aspiring healthcare professionals, to provide world-class, compassionate clinical care

Our learner-centered curriculum integrates strong basic sciences, ethical principles, and professional and social standards coupled with outstanding clinical training and a small class size.

We consider ourselves dedicated and accountable to all of society, and to meeting the healthcare needs of that society as well as to individual patients, by adhering to medicine’s time-honored ethical precepts.

In order to fulfill that duty, we see to it that our graduates are well trained, with strong hands-on and social skills, and have a fundamental understanding and compassion for their chosen career.

Simply put… our mission is to train healthcare professionals in whom we would have no hesitation entrusting our own care, or that of a loved one.


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