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STNA/HHA Classes to Forge a New Future

The demand for nurse's aides and home health aides is growing exponentially. As a State Tested Nurse's Aide (STNA) you will have a number of employment options including working in a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility. In addition, more and more elderly people are staying in their own homes with the assistance of a Home Health Aide (HHA), so the demand is growing in this area as well.

The recent economic recession has prompted many to evaluate their skills and current job situation. Layoffs loom and those still retaining their jobs want to obtain skills that place them in demand by employers. One industry that has been resilient and is expected to experience continued growth is the healthcare field. This is due in large part to the large number of retiring baby boomers, which comprises a quarter of the population, or 75 million Americans!

STNA and HHA classes and gaining certification helps individuals to secure gainful employment. The growing population of aging Americans will increase the demand for trained healthcare workers. Nurse's aide and home health aide training offers a rapid start, low costs and a very good outlook.

Get the training needed to forge a good financial future. Register now for in demand career training and get on the path to a new successful career.

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STNA Classes not yet available. Please check back in late April 20, 2015


  • Class Time - approximately 3 hours
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Those seeking an entry level position within the health care field may want to consider becoming a home health aide (HHA). These professionals help provide health care services within the home of the client, and perform a wide array of duties. Contrary to popular belief, the HHA is not simply a certified nursing assistant (CNA) that performs services within the home, and some type of specialized training is generally needed.


  • Class Time - approximately 3 hours
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