The MANY advantages of a career in healthcare!


Booming Industry

With 75,000,000 "Baby Boomers" entering their senior years, the demand for healthcare professionals is EXPLODING… and it's only going to grow faster!

Employers will be scrambling to fill job positions.


Fast and Highly Affordable

If you want a career as a professional, you can spend TENS of thousands of dollars and a minimum of 4 long years for a college degree.

But regardless of which of our courses you choose to take, you can become a healthcare professional in as little as 2 weeks at a cost of under $500!

How hard a choice is this… really?


Lots of Options

We offer courses in a number of healthcare fields. View our list of healthcare training courses

In addition, if you choose to become an STNA, you're not locked in to just one type of job setting. You can choose employment in a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility, or in-home care.

NOTE: STNA classes are not yet available at this time, but we anticipate they will be available within the next couple of months. Please check back.


Easy Advancement

Want to expand your role in the healthcare industry? Becoming an STNA is the perfect "springboard" from which to launch a higher paying career as an LPN or RN.


A No-Brainer!

  • Rapidly growing industry
  • High demand
  • Inexpensive training
  • Quick start and early certification
  • Lots of job options
  • Easy advancement


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You have a GREAT FUTURE ahead…

… in the most rapidly growing sector of the 21st Century!!!


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